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Mission Statement

The Institute for World Evangelisation - ICPE Mission, is a Catholic Mission made up of Christians committed to the goal of world evangelisation. The ICPE Mission is dedicated to the formation and training of Catholics so that they may become more effective evangelisers.
Through evangelisation, discipleship, community building and mercy work, the ICPE Mission pursues its purpose of training, formation, serving the Church and affecting the world for Christ. The ICPE Mission is an International Association of Christ's faithful with Pontifical Right and is the missionary expression of the Glory of God International Covenant Community.


When I was 21 I gave up my job and left home to become a missionary, having experienced God’s loving touch and heard His call. Serving God in a community of loving men and women brought deep changes into my life.
— Lucienne Hensel
There is nothing more satisfying than having the opportunity to share with others God’s love in the same way that I feel His presence in my life. ‘Even if I had to wash dishes all day I want to be part of a missionary community...’
— Stefan Attard


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The community of ICPE Mission New Zealand is called to a life of Worship and Evangelisation.
The communal lifestyle we live is intrinsic to God's call and invitation to come together as a people, to know Him and to make Him known. We have come together from all walks of life, states of life, nationalities and ages. What unites us is the common inner experience of living under the Lordship of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.